Personality Test: اختبار تحديد الشخصية

أذكر بالجامعة كان عندي دكتور كندي صمم إني أسوي إختبار مايرز برجس لتحديد الشخصية
ليش تذكرت الموضوع؟ لأني لقيت إيميل عندي عن نفس الإختبار و قلت أشارككم فيه
(Myers-Briggs Types Indicator – MBTI)

المهم…. إذا حابين تاخذون الإختبار هذا الرابط

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Happy 7th Anniversary to Ansam518

Thank you all for your continuous support and love! I have more to come this year inshallah :) I promise to be more active here… on my blog <3 My first start <3

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Happy New Year 2014

Thanks Alfa+ ;)

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Istanbul With Turkish Airlines #TK_Tour – The Hotel

When I arrived Istanbul Ataturk Airport, first thing I did was apply for tourist VISA at the airport, which will cost for us Kuwaitis EUR15 (or USD20) – they do not accept other currencies, so make sure to have cash in those amounts for it. Afterwards, and after customs and baggage claim, two representatives were waiting for me outside. They asked me to wait a while before leaving to the hotel. It was really early in the morning and I was half asleep (functioning was a bit slow lol) but they were very helpful!

لما وصلت إسطنبول أول شي سويته إني قدمت على فيزا السواح في المطار. سعر الفيزا ١٥ يورو أو ٢٠ دولار أمريكي. هذه العملتين اللي يقبلهم المطار. بعد تخريج الجوازات و إستلام الحقائب استقبلوني ممثلين من الطيران التركي و رحنا الفندق. أنا كنت تعبانة و ابي الفراش… وصلت الفندق – راديسون بلو المطار – اللي حجزوه لانا الطيران التركي أخذت لكم كذا صورة

The hotel was Radisson Blu Conference & Airport Hotel – Istanbul, which is from its name close to the airport and was booked for us by Turkish Airlines. The room was pretty spacious and very clean

غرفتي كانت بقسم رجال الاعمال و مجهزة بالكامل مع ماكينة نسبريسو و ماء و عدة الشاي. الفندق يحرص على البيئة و لذلك كان في خيار ما بين تغيير المناشف يوميا أو لا. الغرفة مجهزة بتلفزيون و مكتب و مكان للجلوس و الإسترخاء. عيب من عيوب الفندق قربه الشديد من المطار و إزعاج الطائرات – أنا ما عندي مشكلة بالصوت بس في الكثير ما راح يرتاحون من هذه الشغلة و الإنترنت سريع بيس لازم بنقاط معينة في الغرفة و الفندق 

My room was in their business section. It was fully equipped with Nespresso machine, complimentary daily water, coffee & tea bags, and the option for daily change of towels (because it is one of those green hotels where you can ask them to use towels for more than a day to minimize washing and help the environment)

The room has a flat screen TV, a desk/work station, and a seating area with arm chair and foot rest. Internet is provided to hotel guests with passwords. It was somewhat fats, but not available in all spots… I had to sit in certain spots to get signal sometimes. The noise from the airport would be a problem for many! I can sleep in noise or with the TV on, but for others who cant it will be hard! This hotel is perfect for a one night layover and aircraft staff from different airlines. Other than that it was nice and clean, comfy bed, most of the staff were friendly and attentive.

Bathroom was also spacious and clean… an added plus of course as it is one of the most important things when staying in hotels. Fully equipped with shower, hair dryer, and toiletry from Anne Semonin - Paris

الحمام نظيف و كبيير نوعا ما  مع شاور و سشوار و منتجات آن سيمونين الفرنسية 

Breakfast buffet have a good selection of food. Lobby area is amazing and modernly designed too and all those places are with Internet access. I forgot to snap pictures of their fitness center and lobby so I took the below from their website

بوفيه الإفطار متنوع و اللوبي منسق بطريقة مودرن – أو حديثة ين صح التعبير – و أخذت الصورتين تحت من موقعهم 

Stay tuned for more on my Istanbul Trip ;)

ترقبوا المزيد من رحلتي إلى إسطنبول 


سورة الكهف – مشاري راشد العفاسي


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Greek Gyros in Kuwait

Not too long ago, I was in AlMahboula for a meeting, and on my way back home I spotted a newly opened restaurant for Greek Gyros!!! Without a second thought, I drove to it right away to give it a try


قبل فترة كان عندي إجتماع في منطقة المهبولة و في طريق العودة لمحت إفتتاح مطعم جديد للشوارما اليونانية! بدون تردد قررت إني اجربه عالسريع

I checked our their menu… its a simple one page with straight forward options! You either go for the chicken or meat gyros, in a sandwich or a platter! Other sides included hummus, fries, vine leaves, Greek salad, and Greek potatoes!

المنيو أو قائمة الطعام عندهم بسيطة و في صفحة وحدة. تختارون ما بين شاورما الدجاج أو اللحم مع الإضافات. في اطباق جانبية مثل الحمص و السلطة اليونانية و ورق العنب و البطاط العادي أو المعد على الطريقة التركية 

I picked the meat gyro sandwich with their famous tzatziki sauce and onions! The shawerma guy added french fries to my sandwich

أنا إخترت شاورما اللحم مع تزاتزيكي و بصل و الطباخ زاد معاه بطاط مقلي 

 It was AMAZING! I loved it! One sandwich was enough for me that day because I wasn’t really hungry and I tried it for the sake of trying and for not knowing when I will be back to this area! Spices were well balanced between the tender and juicy meat slices and the sauce! Portion however is not bad but not generous if you know what I mean, but I think you can ask for extra meat for an additional charge

بإختصار كانت عجيبة! بما اني ما كنت يوعانه فصمونة وحدة كفتنى. الخلطة كانت موفقة ما بين اللحم و الصلصة المستخدمة. اللحمة نفسها ترفه و لذيذة بس كمية اللحم تعتبر قليلة إلى متوسطة و إذا ماني غلطانة تقدرون تطلبون كمية أكبر مع مبلغ إضافي

 I went again for more so soon on a second visit and the second time I tried both, the chicken and meat… I must say I liked the meat way more. Not that the chicken was bad or anything, but it tasted like regular chicken shawerma, unlike the meat which was very Greek and tasty! Highly Recommended and got Ansam518 Seal of Approval all over it

في نفس الإسبوع رديت المطعم من كثر ما كنت حابة شاورما اللحم و جربت معاها الدجاج هذه المرة. شاورما الدجاج كانت عادية بس مو سيئة… يعني أحصلها بأماكن وايد بس اللحم تصدرت القائمة و أنصح بتجربتها

The restaurant is located in AlMahboula, you can get there by taking Fahaheel Highway 30 to exit 210, drive to the coastal road and turn right to the end. It should be on your right after a while – right opposite to McDonald’s. Its small and fairly clean with Quizno’s attached to it. The staff are all super friendly and the recognized instantly! As I am typing this post, I feel like driving and get me another gyro! Price for a single sandwich was KD1.250

المطعم مثل ما قلت في المهبولة و دربه سهل. إذا اخذتو طريج الفحيحيل السريع ٣٠ إلى مخرج رقم ٢١٠ سيدا إلى الشارع الساحلي في النهاية بعدين يمين. المطعم راح يكون عاليمين مقابل مكدونالدز. المطعم صغير و نظيف و معاه كوزنوس. الموظفين وايد حبوبين. سعر الشاورما كان ١.٢٥٠ دينار 

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Kiehl’s Closing Down Tomorrow @The_Avenues

Sadly Kiehl’s Kuwait branch at The Avenues will be closing down tomorrow! I have no idea if another company is taking over or is it a goodbye for good Kiehls :(


متجر كيلز في الأفنيوز المرحلة الثانية سيغلق ابوابه غدا و ماعندي فكرة إذا في شركة ثانية أخذت وكالة المحل. أنا رحت قبل يومين و شريت لي كذا شغلة! في وايد اشياء غير موجودة للأسف. اللي حاب يلحق ترى باجر آخر يوم لهم

I have been a customer before it opened in Kuwait and did a full shop review when it opened in The Avenues few years back (link)

I passed by earlier this week to stock on my favorite items…. sadly most of which were already sold out :(

If you are a customer… hurry up and go get your favorite items while they last


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AlOstoura ALICE+OLIVIA Goes Festive!

It looks like Alice+Olivia has gone festive! If you’re still looking for New Year’s Eve celebration outfit and accessories ladies, why not pass by their shop in the Second Avenue!


For more you can check AlOstoura Website for more about Alice+Olivia plus all of their other brands, or simply follow them on Instagram @al_ostoura

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Istanbul With Turkish Airlines #TK_Tour – The Trip

I was picked as one of the bloggers to tour Istanbul with Turkish Airlines via  ASDA’A Burson-Marsteller Company (based in Dubai) earlier last month, and it was one of the most memorable and enjoyable short trips I have ever taken! I got the chance to meet wonderful people and make new friends from Asdaa, bloggers, and Turkish Airlines! It was a beautiful mix and I enjoyed every bit of it! The trip was very well organized! On one hand… Ruba, my contact person in Asdaa Dubai, kept in touch with me and all the travelers giving us all details needed; Visa information, weather to expect, hotel reservations, what to bring and so on.  On the other hand, Asdaa branch in Kuwait called me the day before the trip to check if everything was okay and to give me the phone number of the Turkish Airline representatives that were going to be in the airport waiting for me before my flight

وصلتني دعوة مين الطيران التركي لرحلة مع المدونين عن طريق شركة أصداء في دبي و قبلتها. الرحلة كانت ممتعة

On November 21st, really in the early hours of the day, I went to the airport with my parents. Mr. Omar Tahhan of Turkish Airlines kept in touch with me via text messages to see if everything was okay, and told me to ask for Mr. Sezai at the airport to help me with everything. I honestly did the whole check-in on my own! I did not want to call the representatives, just to get an (more…)


My Panamera Experience

Earlier about a month back, I have received the New Panameras catalog from Porsche Behbehani called “Thrilling Conditions”.

I was not asked to post about it or anything… I just did because I liked the content and pictures! I even left it at home as a coffee table book for whomever wanted to check!

With a simple caption on one of my Instagram pictures of this catalog, I wrote “Would love to check them out soon”… Just to receive an email shortly after from Rawan Farhat of BPG Cohn & Wolf telling me that my wish got granted… in her exact words: “Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it all”. Rawan had arranged with Porsche Kuwait to allow me to test drive a Panamera for a couple of days, on a weekend! I was so excited.

It happened all so fast! I went to the dealership about a week after my post to find the receptionist waiting for me with the key and a USB press kit

After some paperwork… signing, and the works, I headed to my weekend Panamera V6

I got it in one of my favorite colors… it is technically called the Yachting Blue

My baby (will temporarily baby anyways) was at home and I was ready to test drive it! The key is a mini Panamera like, with the same exact color! The simplest details can make up for bigger things! Joy ;)

A spacious car compared to my two-doors car, I am actually liking the four-doors now! It’s a mix between sports car, family car, luxurious, spacious, and a bit of devilish too… in a good way that is ;)

Stay tuned for more to come on my experience with the Panamera V6 ;) As this is just the beginning! If you are looking for more for now… check a previous post about my Porsche Road Show experience from back in 2010 (click here)

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