Question 16 – Sponsored By Dolce Antico

Craving chocolates? Italian chocolates to be specific?? Then go to Dolce Antico 😉 A chocolate store I reviewed last year on my blog. They have pretty cool and unique stuff 😉


Question: In which mall is Dolce Antico located?


Dolce Antico offer Italian chocolates and sweets from several prominent Italian brands, because Italian food is renowned for the high quality ingredients and its superior taste 😉


For more check out

Dolce Antico

Tel: 22650828


Kindly refer to the guidelines here and check updates



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17 Responses to Question 16 – Sponsored By Dolce Antico

  1. Khaled says:

    Al Plaza Mall, Mezzanine, Hawally

  2. ammad says:

    Al Plaza Mall

  3. nasser bader says:

    Plaza, hawalli

  4. Sarah says:

    plaza hawalli

  5. Saju says:

    Plaza Hawalli

  6. rawan says:

    Al Plaza Mall Hawali

  7. Jawaria says:

    Alplaza Mall

  8. N says:

    Alplaza mall

  9. Afreen says:

    Plaza hawalli

  10. GH says:

    Plaza mall

  11. Doha Alnahedh says:

    Plaza hawally complex

  12. Nosa50 says:

    Plaza Hawalli

  13. Katkoota xD says:

    Al Plaza Mall


  14. Nouf says:

    AlPlazza mall, Hawalli

  15. Hanadi aljiran says:

    The shop located @plaza center in Hawalli

  16. fatma says:

    it’s in Plaza Hawalli

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