Question 17 – Sponsored By Lofat

Want yummy healthy food? So yummy that you cant believe its low in fat then Lofat is the right way to go 😉 With their branches in Kuwait, their Life Style Center, And Lofat Dine In you have many options 😀


Question: About a month ago Lofat launched a new dessert and many many bloggers reviewed and posted about it! Can you name that dessert?


Lofat Group is a leading organization that specializes in providing healthy dietary solutions to people of all ages in Kuwait. Consisting of two primary divisions, retail and wholesale, the Lofat Group has developed a dynamic approach to tackle obesity. With a growing network of casual dining outlets as well as diet centers dedicated to adults and youth alike, the Lofat Group is a strong advocate for adopting a holistic approach to living a healthy life.


For more check out

Lofat Website



Tel: 22250666


Kindly refer to the guidelines and updates here



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15 Responses to Question 17 – Sponsored By Lofat

  1. Sarah says:

    Talia Dessert

  2. Nouf says:

    Talia dessert

  3. Jawaria says:


  4. Noura says:

    Hello Ansam,

    Is it talia ?? ;p

  5. nighat sultana says:

    talia dessert

  6. Nosa50 says:


  7. A.A.M says:

    Talia 🙂

  8. Afreen says:


  9. fatima says:


  10. Sunil says:

    It was called Talia…..

  11. Taiba says:

    Talia 😀

  12. fatma says:

    it’s called Talia

  13. Abdulaziz Almutawa says:

    Talia Dessert 😀

  14. Fajer says:

    TALIA 🙂

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