Por or Port Sa’eed?

I know some of you might think I’m splitting hairs… but really it bugs me when I see such mistakes! No matter how small or big, I do care! Yes, I’m a perfectionist 😛


It should read “Port” Sa’eed not “Por” Sa’eed! I mean the Arabic pronunciation is Bur Sa’eed (بورسعيد‎)… Influenced by the French, the last letter in words usually is silent…. Plus, in Arabic there is no “P”! That’s why it is pronounced Bur instead of Port! So I dont really know where the “Por” is coming from!

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5 Responses to Por or Port Sa’eed?

  1. Q8Life says:

    Check here for more


    You will go bonkers over these public displays and not even a soul seems to be embarassed.

  2. Marafie says:

    You know it’s not only that but many little mistakes that will also drive u nuts! I mean come on how can u get a name of a shop misspelt don’t they google or check the dictionary? Or ppl who come to u thinking that they know English when they actually misspell many things and pronounce words wrong! Nutters!

  3. ZeroSystem says:

    I think in this case it’s more like a phonetic translation.
    probably they wanted to use the same naming as it is said in Egypt.
    I would speculate that :p
    I imagine it’s like “منطقة شرق” isn’t put in english as “east area”.

    • Ansam518 says:

      If its phonetic then it should be spelled Bur not Por 😛

      • ZeroSystem says:

        well you are right in that, he could be one of the people that can’t tell the difference between P and B 😀

        no offense to who ever that was o.o

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