Spotted: Lipton Canned Iced Tea

I have seen Lipton canned iced in original, lemon, and peach flavors all the time… Peach is my favorite out of those three…. but earlier today I saw more variety! I grabbed a can of each (I dont know if I missed any) and decided to try’em all!


Honestly, I think the original flavor lacks real flavor! It taste watery – meh!


The lemon flavored one is not bad, but you can still feel the artificial flavor of the lemon! Homemade lemon iced tea is definitely better


The peach  one is full of flavor and fun! Although I can feel its syrup-like flavor, I still like it and I think its a cool summer refreshment drink <3
So far, from the new ones I got, I tried the Clear Green – Mint & Lemon and its not bad at all!


Although to brew and make your own iced tea is always better, sometimes a grab n’ go wont hurt 😉 Specially when you want instant summer refreshment boost!


I look forward to try the other flavors and update this post 😉

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6 Responses to Spotted: Lipton Canned Iced Tea

  1. deQor8 says:

    you should try Rauch Ice T which I found at TSC & some co-ops …

  2. Ramez says:

    Peach is ma favorite, but last time in Europe I tried the Green tea on. it was great too

  3. 845e1 says:

    Lemon flavored is my fav. Peach is great too. I didn’t try any of the new flavors yet.

  4. Olah mn zeman mojoodeen! :p

    I liked the mixed fruits flavor but you should drink it when its ice cold

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