Stick House Italian Gelato

Our precious Dillamina brought in a bag of frozen yummies to our gathering last weekend from Stick House 😉

She said you can call them up, order, and have them deliver it to you in one of their cooler bags with each ice cream on a stick individually wrapped – as you can see 😉 She got us many flavors; chocolate, vanilla, mango, berries, lemon and mint, coconut, and almond..

As soon as I heard almond, I grabbed a stick for me!

Its light, creamy, and rich in texture, and is garnished with slivered almonds… I mean I’m a BIG fan of almond and this one hit the spot just right! Everything about it was perfect, it was rich but not heavy and the almond flavor was there but it wasnt too strong – just perfect! Its a delicious almond ice cream with a crunch YUM! Nice flavor and texture – highly recommended 😀


I also tried the lemon and mint but I could not even finish half of it 🙁 The lemon flavor was a bit on the bitter side for me 🙁


For more LIKE their Facebook Page, or call them on 25730010

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11 Responses to Stick House Italian Gelato

  1. His says:

    How come we hated it??

    We went to city center once to get some (after reading about it and seeing some pics)….As soon as we reached the car…we threw it away…

  2. I didn’t like it :/

  3. Luma says:

    U always bring up the most newest ideas 😉

  4. Dudette says:

    I loved the coconut and the half red and yellow stick, forgot what were the flavors 😉

  5. Essa ALEssa says:

    best flavor ever is hazelnut and coconut

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