Qnet Summer Promo

Qnet is back this month sponsoring my blog with a new offer for this summer 😉 A Mini Cooper awaits a lucky winner! PLUS…. Travel Tickets, LED screens and 100s of other exciting gifts to be won!

Those Offers from Qnet are in collaboration with Ali Alghanim & Sons Automotive and Sony Kuwait, with at least 3 chances to win on every subscription!

Starting today, the campaign will run till the Sept 11th 2011.

Mr. Abdullah Boftain, Manager – Marketing Communications and PR, Qualitynet,  pointed out the three different stages of this offer which will give both new and renewing subscribers many chances to win exciting prizes!


1st stage has giveaways through Scratch & Guaranteed Win coupons (AlShaya Group & Crown Plaza)


2nd stage has valuable weekly draws for travel tickets to a destination of the winner’s choice, LED screens, mp4 players, premium laptops (Sony & Abyat)


3rd stage is the Grand Draw for a brand new Mini Cooper (Ali AlGhanim & Sons)


Qnet subscribers have additional chances to win through QStore: www.myqstore.com


For any further information, please contact Qualitynet’s PR office at 22902139

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4 Responses to Qnet Summer Promo

  1. Bashar says:

    I asked several times on their facebook page about these summer offers, and how can we make sure the terms of the contract for the draw won’t change after we make the payment, just like the internet speed was changed. You know what they did? Deleted all comments. Two other guys asked the same question, without any offense. Same thing.

    You can see my first & second comments.

    Qualitynet won’t guarantee anything with the contract.

  2. MBH says:

    It seems like you’re oblivious to what the ISPs have been doing lately.

    They have put daily quotas on our accounts after they have price-fixed their services and hiked the prices by 70%.

    And now you’re supporting them?!

    Take a look at http://q8cap.wordpress.com to see how serious the problem is.

    • Ansam518 says:

      I am aware of it but never posted about it!!!!!! I am sponsored by Qnet and posting a promo they asked me for! There is a difference here, no need to attack me!!!

      • MBH says:

        Relax Ansam. I’m not attacking you; I simply wanted to let you know of the problem, in case you weren’t.

        But if you do know what they’re doing and you’re fine with being sponsored by one of them, then I have to say this: You should do what’s right.

        It’s up to you to chose what is right & what isn’t.


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