At Eurostars – Rome

While in Rome, Italy, we stayed at Eurostars Domus Aurea Hotel

The hotel is three stars, it wasn’t fancy or anything… but it wasn’t bad either (I didnt like the location mostly) but the staff members were super friendly and attentive!

In the reception area/lobby they have self service drinks; two jugs of mint drink (tasted like mouth wash – did not like at all) and one jug of almond juice

I LOVED the almond juice so much (tasted like beithan “بيذان”) I got hooked on it… I drank at least a cup on my way in and out of the hotel LOL

Oh and I’m always up and early… so the next morning I was the first person to be in the lobby from the group… I waited and waited till one of the receptionists brought me this double shots of heaven espresso

I know the presentation is not all that, but that coffee was one of the best I’ve had in that trip <3

Oh and I also loved their roof top area for breakfast 😉

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6 Responses to At Eurostars – Rome

  1. Shawagtini ;p baroo7 ashteri baithan now ;p

  2. noon says:

    eee a7la shay kan il roof top area! if only we took their baithan recipe! i remember ba3’6 inas galoolii il mint drink 3ajeeb “y3ne daga” ashwa iny jarabta gabel la ygololi 😛

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