Randomly Thinking!

This is non-boiled and untreated camel milk! Not that the way its written in English is any better, but I just could not understand the way they wrote it in Arabic (حليب غير مغلي فقط)

And what does (حليب خلفات) mean? I know its Camel Milk…. but (خلفات)???


On another note, my dad LOVES it so much and he buys it from Al Raha Stone Mills in Qadsiya Coop on regular basis! Highly recommended by him for those looking for fresh camel milk 😉

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3 Responses to Randomly Thinking!

  1. SiLeNTGRL says:

    الخلفات اسم من اسماء الابل
    والخلفات جمع مفردها خلفة وهي الناقة التي تلد حوار (صغير الابل

  2. N says:

    it is the female camel

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