Getting to Know Abdullah AlMishari

Abdullah AlMishari, the man behind Chocolate & Macaroon, has been in the business for good five years! Never did an interview or any sort of contact with the media, but Ansam518 is an exception and a start for that 😉  You might have seen him working around in one of his restaurants, even serving dishes himself to the customers… or just sitting on a table all by himself working on something, as he always like to keep busy and productive…but lets get to know him better now, shall we?

 Who is Abdullah AlMishari… inside and outside of Creative Eye?


Well, I’m the GM of a Real Estate & Hospitality Company… Chocolate & Macaroon was a creation I came up with, as food and cooking is a passion… that plus eating of course! It started up with one branch in Arraya Center and it grew before my eyes into two more; one in Julai’ah and another in The Avenues. I was happy with the success because I really worked hard for it! Social life made up only for quarter of my daily activities! But inside and outside of all that, I’m a family man! I’m close with my family and cousins, and my close friends too whom I consider family as well! I studied Trade & Commerce at Kuwait University first then transferred to New Castle and majored in Marketing and graduated from there. I have also taken an intensive 6-months course in Hospitality Business in the UK… it all added up really well together 🙂


2. Tell us more about business… things to fill us in, things we dont know 😉


I have a forth branch opening up soon in Salmiya… that plus two new concepts coming up in 2012, will keep you waiting for that 😛 Sorry 😉 But let me tell you more about Julai’ah branch! This branch was opened for convenience… really, do you see any restaurants in that area beside junkfood chains? So it was some sort of an adventure for me and I really loved the outcome! It was a total success despite the fact that it opens only three days per week! The atmosphere of the place there will take you into another place with the loud music and casual style customers! Seeing all this made me realize that opening it there was a much needed change that gave life to the area, and I’m sure we will see more restaurants opening up in the area 😉


3. How do you describe your management style?


I’m very flexible but tough in the same time.. I really hate being tough and angry, but sometimes I need to be this way! But in general, I’m always available and one call away from my staff…. and customers too 😉


4. What motivates you and how do you motivate others?


I like the competition… I also like to keep up-to-date in everything possible! I make time to sit with everyone and know what they need… try to figure out whats missing! I also read a lot (including blogs of course 😉 ) So from all that I pick what I like and apply it… outcome?? Success, and my success motivate others!


5. I assume you are a good cook with all those dishes you come up with at your restaurants… what’s your favorite dish to eat? And whats your favorite dish to make/prepare at Chocolate & Macaroon?


Goat Cheese Salad to eat… thats for sure, and I share it with my favorite chefs Alain Ducasse  and Jean Patice whom I learned from a lot… I also love the Mushroom Risotto

Favorite dish to prepare? Chicken Panini! I made this sandwich since the start of the business and to-date (after five years) it is still a best seller! I’m so proud 🙂


6. What is your favorite cuisine?


French…. it inspires me! Its a small world of dishes; bread, poultary, fish, desserts!

7. Speaking of favorites, tell me more about your favorites in Kuwait where would you go for:

  • Desserts? Chocolate & Macaroon
  • Salads? Chocolate & Macaroon
  • Sandwichs? Baking Tray
  • Pasta? Chocolate & Macaroon + Lorenzo
  • Burgers? Johnny, and now Johnny has a brother… Elevation Burger
  • Catering? Lenotre
  • Cakes? Caramel
  • Cucpakes? Crumbs
  • Soups? Lorenzo
  • Sushi? Tatami
  • Pizza? Solo Pizza
  • Frozen Yogurt? Red Mango
  • Ice Cream? Marble Slab
  • Healthy Food? Lofat
  • Architectures? Hamad AlSultan (totally out of the competition) and my cousin Abdulatif AlMishari
  • Chefs? Nasser AlMukhaizeem – not only I’ve known this guy since school years, but I call him #1! He is really a hard worker


8. What sets you apart from your competitors? What makes you different?


I’m one of them 😉



It was really an interesting interview with lots of yummies in between… that I will be sharing with you on another post… maybe 😉 But I hope this interview gave you an idea about the man behind Chocolate & Macaroon… who really worked hard for his business 🙂


If you wanna know more about Chocolate & Macaroon, LIKE their Facebook Page 

You can also call Arraya Branch on 22997919 – Julai’ah on 60062669 – and The Avenues on 22597504




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14 Responses to Getting to Know Abdullah AlMishari

  1. Nym says:

    Alllah ewafgik, good food, service and priced 2 perfection. Tistahil

  2. manourah says:

    wayed 9aree7 o cute ;D

  3. Abdulghaphor Hajjieh says:

    it’s great to see a Kuwaiti success story

  4. bo ahmad says:

    Great..allah yewafgah..hatha alghaly waladna 3ad.. 🙂

  5. fatima says:

    mashalla sha6er ana a7eb eli fy alrayah akthar..nice food and atmosphere

  6. AA says:

    Amen to the Chicken Panini!

    Highly recommended:

    1. C&M French Toast
    2. C&M Cheesecake in a Jar
    3. C&M Profiteroles

    Allah ewafgik 🙂 Can’t wait for what’s in store!

  7. hanadi says:

    طبعا كل شيء يسوي عبدالله حلو الله يوفقك وتصير عالمي ااإاإامين

  8. 7amood says:

    gawach allah ikthy ansam w ya36eek ald 3afya ya 3abdullah.

    9ij mobdi3..

    bas 3indy su2al basee6..

    from a financial stand point, how did you get your business running? from overhead costs to salaries expense.. it must have been expensive to get started. especially since most businesses suffer losses the 1st year.

    did you apply for a loan? is it funded by friends & family?

    w mashkoor muqadamen 3la il rud.

    (ansam if you know the answer to that please feel free to enlighten us!)

  9. iLSuL6ana says:

    Amazing Guy! Yestaheel kil 5air oo Allah ewafga:)))) I’m a huge fan!

  10. ZiO says:

    A.M. is a great, true & creative person who deserved the success and brought the concept to life… So PROUD Cousin

  11. shikha says:

    chocolate & macaroon it a big HIP in juli3a o ma3a ena za7ma bs elna6ra testahel elwa7ed ye6la3 mn al chalet o yakel akel 6ayeb at least no junkfood….bravo abdulla almishari u was totally right about opening in juli3a…rabby yewafgek o ya7fethek

  12. jasem says:

    he talk true 3an bajy alma6a3em hatha wayed 3ajbny o enah ma tham o wala ghala6 fy a7ad kano ye3algoon 3aleeh o yentaqdonah…a7ebk ya 30bed 6ol 3omrek materd 3ala kelma shina feek mn chithy allah yewafeq…mara7 agolek meno ana 😉

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