As I mentioned before, I’m in Love with AlJazeera Montale Perfumes, my favorite one is Aoud, Amber, Rose mix! I dont like bouncing from one perfume to another (except for Arabic scents)… and from this post you can tell I stick to the ones I like for loooong time!

So I’m more of an Arabian perfume person – besides AlJazeera perfumes, I like must and rose… aoud! I love Bukhoor, but what about other perfumes?


Well, I have been using almost ONE perfume since I was what!! 16 Maybe?? It is KENZO’s Parfum d’été! I almost never ever change it! I first got it as a gift on my 16th birthday and got stuck with it forever… the bottle and packaging designed changed, but I was so loyal to it… the longest I’ve held to a fragrance in my life!

Its funny how people used to recognize me from the scent… I mean I used KENZO mostly in college, whenever I entered the Students Lounge, my friend would be like “I knew it was you”…. same goes with my Montale perfumes! Some people even connect me to them! My aunt now is in love with the same scent of Aoud, Amber, Rose! Its just amazing!


Anyways… when I saw Sarah Jessica Parker few years ago on Oprah talking about the release of her perfume Lovely… and how Oprah described it, I just wanted to have it! That was years back but I’m still in love with it, and I got hooked on it! It really smells lovely as the name suggest!

When I first tried it on, I went “oh la la”… the smell is so summery and so soft… so feminine and flowery, I just loved it! I told the saleslady whats the secret? She told me that SJP loved layering perfumes and exotic scents! So basically its a blend of oils, flowers, sandalwood, musk, and fruit! (and I’m not into fruity smells by the way – but this is something else!)

Really! I dont get hooked on perfumes that way! But Lovely was just to LOVELY!


So now I alternate between my AlJazeera range, Parfum d’été, and Lovely! What’s your favorite perfume?

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10 Responses to Perfumes!

  1. ali says:

    gotta love the musk one too!! montale are my favorites!

  2. giggles says:

    my favorite perfume is montale roses musk from al jazeera 🙂

  3. Moody says:

    I mentioned LOVELY awhile back on my blog and yes your right, its addictive, maybe its a taurus thingy 😉

  4. NASER M says:

    ansam a7la cologne 777 ily bil jam3iya, u smelled liked it in school 😛

  5. thanks for the post guys! happy to have come across ur post!

  6. Hafsa says:

    coco chanel allllll the way!!!!!!

  7. Rana says:

    jo malon (english pear) + n.rodrigues+ lalique (black) + 999 aljazeerah

  8. Roumiyah says:

    im in love with tom ford – OUD 🙂

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