Public Baby Wash

I saw this video on Omarker titled (محطة غسيل الاطفال) and I am speechless!!!



  1. Is the place sanitized and clean?
  2. Too many babies crying and ladies talking together all at the same time (this will drive me up the wall – I can’t handle such atmosphere)
  3. The way the babies are washed… doesnt even look safe or right? Lots of pulling and stretching… YIKES!


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13 Responses to Public Baby Wash

  1. Haven’t you even wandered if they might get the babies mixed up?? Ya Wailli Wailllaaaaa!!! Wana bint Ahmed!

  2. Sarah Al-Yahya says:

    OMG! I couldn’t even continue!

  3. anonymous says:

    Have you considered they might not have a choice in regards to the atmosphere?

  4. YM965 says:

    that’s so wrong.. its hard to watch

  5. shahou88 says:

    OMG we7naa n5aaf 3alaa our babies laa e9eer feehom shay @@ thats too much

  6. dalal says:

    OMG 7raaaam shno hi mo chnhoom yhal chnhom dyaay 83deen y’3slonhom 7a8 y899onhoom

  7. dalal says:

    mst3eera menech el video 7beebtee ok

    thanks in advance

  8. noon says:

    thats just sad! ma tshofeen il amra’6 kilaa t6la3 min 3ndhom! alaah ykafena ilshar

  9. NBZ says:

    hahahahha! absolutely normal and hygienic A! trust me! Sometimes when ur given no choice but the opputunity for a decent everyday bath..u make do with what ever level of hygiene it entails…the concept may be alien to us folks living in our ivory towers..and its natural 🙂

  10. B says:

    well the buckets look clean! 🙂

  11. ims85 says:


    ضحكوني على كثر ما عورني قلبي

    صج جهل.. هل عيال جنهم دياي شلون كل وحده تقلبه على بطنه وتغسله

    شي غريب

  12. dotsNpink says:

    I just dont wanna understand this kind of tradition…poor babies…cant even finish the vid..ugh! is mother care not available there?

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