10.Oh.8 and PINK Food!

My friend DanaNafisi and I have lots and lots of those unplanned outings! We would be like “Do you wanna go out for a quick bite NOW?” – we are just so flexible this way 😉 So this was one of the outings… a brunch at 10.Oh.8 last week

I ordered my latte with ice cream (its becoming my usual drink there) – Dana ordered a cup of tea! As for our food….

We both ordered food containing PINK color – supporting the PINK month of October 😉 I ordered the Fried Egg Sandwich which comes with secret candied pinkish sauce, whereas Dana ordered Pink Hummus Wrap (which I tried on a previous visit to the place)

My sandwich was SO DAMN GOOD! I love how the secret candied sauce tickled my senses! Yes… I just love this kinda sandwiches, where you mix different contrasting tastes together… I think its made of yogurt, honey, and strawberry (btw, I love honey with friend eggs) this sandwich is definitely NOT TO SHARE <3

Then I ordered this sandwich (forgot its name) its made of hazelnut spread and marshmallow – TOO SWEET and TOO HEAVY! This sandwich is definitely TO BE SHARED 😉 Dana and I both could not finish half of it

Our total came to KD9.500 (we also ordered a bottle of water)


As I mentioned before (link) 10.Oh.8’s current cause is Domestic Violence 🙂


Anyways.. you can know more about 10.Oh.8 by visiting their website http://www.10oh8.com/ – Like their Facebook Page (LIKE) – Follow them on Twitter @10oh8 – Tel: 22479371/2


Find their full menu on Q8PD here!

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3 Responses to 10.Oh.8 and PINK Food!

  1. foodlover says:

    i really love 10 oh 8, i love the place. the services. the workers are always smiling.the food is just right. and i love how they donate a certain amount for good causes…
    keep it up 10 oh 8!!!
    one more thing… always keep it this way .. 10 oh 8″s unique soul makes it stand out between other businesses and mainstreamers!

  2. 10.Oh.8 says:

    Thank you for the post and EVERYTHING you are doing. I swear we can’t thank you enough you are an angel! Showing your support to us means everything and spreading the word is what we mainly want is for people to be informed on whats going on.

    Also, Foodlover, thanks for your nice words. we truly appreciate you kindness :)) hope we’ll see you there more often.

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