LEMSIP and Starbucks Tumbler

I was visiting my sister, Fulla, at work on her lunch break, feeling a bit under the weather yesterday -nothing serious- just a bit of sneezing, headache, and runny nose! My voice changed a bit… so our friend Salem handed me a LEMSIP! Thank you Salem 😉


We headed to their food court or whatever its called – where all employees have their lunch break in, and I went to Starbucks! I asked for hot water for my LEMSIP! The lady saw the sachet in my hand and was like “Oh ma’am a bit sick?” I said “Yes, can I have hot water? Even if I had to pay for a bottle of water” She said “I can give you hot water free of charge but I cannot give you a cup! We count our cups!” Seriously? Don’t they sometimes -when out of sleeves- double cup their drinks? Don’t they promise that they can make you another cup if you dont like your drink? What’s with the cup counting!!!


She said I can buy a tumbler or a mug!!! Or ask for a cup somewhere else!!!

I ended up buying a tumbler, which I gave to Fulla 😉 She will use it for work as I have MANY tumblers at home

Yes! I had to pay KD3.500 for a tumbler to drink my LEMSIP because they do not give out paper cups 😛 I thought that was funny a bit 😉 Good thing Fulla will make use of it now 😉

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9 Responses to LEMSIP and Starbucks Tumbler

  1. Joe says:

    hope you get better soon…

    where did you get the lemsip sachet if I may ask?

  2. Yousef says:

    chan 6alabtay chay o gelteelhom maby tea bag!

  3. b says:

    yeah they’re being very picky with their cups recently. I sometimes order a freeze and ask for it to be put in a cup with ice and now that’s not allowed anymore! :/

  4. mohsen says:

    NOW I THOUGHT I SAW U! 19th flooor ..

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