Save Abdulkareem

Danderma sent me and many bloggers an email about Abdulkareem, a brave young boy with cancer in his knee that is spreading 🙁 His chance of survival? Cut off his leg or have him have a knee replacement surgery, which costs KD30,000 if done in Jordan (this kind of surgery is not available in Kuwait)!


Abdulkareem is not Kuwaiti and his family cannot afford it 🙁 Time is ticking (his operation -to cut his leg off- is scheduled for next week).


I’m posting about this along with my fellow bloggers to see if anyone of you have a place in their heart to help in anyway possible to fund this operation… through individuals or companies please drop me a line 🙂



Picture taken from 7ajiDude

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  1. Hi Ansam! We received a comment from one of our readers, and it actually seems like a good idea. Perhaps you or your readers can offer your thoughts. Here it is:

    “As the money is needed RIGHT NOW I suggest that we ask around for someone to LEND it for speed and to be from one place (!!??!) and then we can later ask for donations to repay it, or through a charity run or whatever. I’m sure there are lots of people who would like to donate but not that much, and there’s no time for that now. Please re- post and ask for someone to LEND the money. Thanks!”

  2. fulla says:

    I retweeted your tweet. Sure we must help him! 3awarni galbi wallah ;(

    btw, he’s in NBK Hospital

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