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The three shopping websites that sells contemporary designs that I like in Kuwait are Closet Candygojiboutique – & Pink Moon! I browse those sites while I am comfortable that they wont rip me off with ridiculous prices! Here are some examples

The 291 Love/Hate Tee at Closet Candy is KD11 after sale… which is almost equal to (actually less) to the sale price on Shopbop

This Tucker dress is selling at KD64 on gojiboutique

I found it for about KD100 on shopbop but maybe because its a different cut and style 😉

And Pink Moon – Velvet Kimana Dress.. which I recently purchased from them for KD32 (on sale)

Which is also available at shopbop for USD137.20 (around KD5 more than Pink Moon)

See what I am talking about? They do not rip you off with prices.. they are almost consistent with the prices of the original piece, which is why I am more than comfortable shopping and spending my money on those local websites 😉


If you happen to know any more of such websites that sell contemporary design/brands please drop me a line 😉


You can follow them all on twitter… from experience, the most interactive and responsive one is gojiboutique 😉






Enjoy shopping and fair spending 😀






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8 Responses to Shopping Website in KTown

  1. Gojiboutique says:

    Thank you for the lovely post Ansam xoxox

  2. Dalal says:

    I like too. as3arhum very reasonable oo they got nice stuff 🙂

  3. We are the retailers of Muks boots and are selling them on Karkoosha (an online exhibition) for our 2nd year at the price of £260 and they retail for £300 excluding shipping costs and import taxes .. Check the links

  4. Jacqui says:

    Not all Kuwaiti businesses have reasonable prices. Some are major rip offs by ordering the item online and charging double for it.

    Some do not practice that method of conducting business but this doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

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