THANK YOU @Danderma

I was sitting at home doing basically nothing when I got a message from Danderma saying she wanna drop something off! I seriously was clueless to what she was delivering to me! When I got this green bag!

I was like OMG! Is it what I think it is???


Not one… not two, but SIX Kajal Eye Pencils I posted about not too long ago!

Apparently she read my post and kept quiet… asked Butootee, who was in Mecca, to get some and gave me six of which (تنقصلج العافية)

Thanks Danderma & Butootee so so much 😀 You made my day!

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12 Responses to THANK YOU @Danderma

  1. Danderma says:

    You are most welcome hon. Bu Tootee says there was a loooong line of Kuwaiti women all holding that kohl pen 😀

    Had to try it after you posted about it! eteka7elain bel 3afiya :*

  2. Oleana says:

    It’s the best kohl out their. I love it! 3leech bil 3afya 🙂

  3. Pink Girl Q8 says:

    3lech bel 3afyaa 
    Ma ysee7 o aswad waied ?

  4. Alanood says:

    حبوبه فى المباركيه اسمه سمايل اسووووود وايد حلو
    لون القلم من بره اخضر
    وعندهم كحله شكلها مثل الحمره لونها من بره فضى

  5. Alanood says:

    الكحله اللى عندى على شكل حمره اذا مانى غلطانه نفس ماركة الكحله اللى تبينها Kajal
    اتاكد لج اليوم واعطيج خبر 🙂

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