@BayanDentalKW 2012

I love love LOVE the new 2012 Bayan Dental calendars 😉 They never cease to amaze me with how different they go with their approaches and creative ads! Earlier yesterday I got a bag with four calendars…

Vintage movie posters used… Only that they’re not really vintage!! they’re made to look vintage… With their spokesperson Marwa and the fabulous makeup from The Boudoir (loved it so much)

Of course… Here is May 😉 and 518 will be on a Friday in 2012 – Mark your calendars 😛

The original poster

Each month comes with a movie poster… A remake of it to be exact

Loved how they played around with it some times using words related to teeth (السن ) or twisted to be about teeth ( خلي بالك من سوسك )

And the original one

Ohhh and I loved this one

Original Poster

Check how their services are mentioned with doctor names as plots! Creative

Thank you Bayan Dental xoxo

Now this song is stuck in my head 😉



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6 Responses to @BayanDentalKW 2012

  1. Lulu says:

    Amaaaaaaaaaazing I’ll call them for a copy I just did my bleeching at agaila branch two weeks ago and loved the interior in the waiting area

  2. bayan dental says:

    lulu- thankyou so much for your kind words

  3. home says:

    looooove it , marwa has an amazing voice

  4. Mazyoona says:

    3ajeba 3ajeba 3ajeba …… very original … 3eyadat bayan ahanekom …

  5. Durah says:

    a7la shay feeh marwa nice choice 😀

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