Pretty “Pretty Little Things” @PLTQ8

I was invited by Ms. Noaf Hussein, who is an amazing host by the way, to this event called Pretty Little Things 😉 I shopped around, asked questions and talked to the business owners… I think I wanna go again today! Ohhh and I had lots of tea and coffee to stay warm while sitting outside 😉 I also got to meet a lot of interesting people and tried out a slice of Homeslice Pizza 😉 Not bad!

I couldnt make it to the bloggers night, but I had no idea that Noaf saved me a goody bag when I went yesterday! I was speechless! Specially when I saw the gifts

The two bags on the left are my shopping bags, the ones on the right are the gifts I got from Pretty Little Things vendors!

See… toldya! LOTS OF GIFTS 😉 Lets take a close look now at the items starting with Firin… baked gluten free yummies! I had’em for breakfast with mom! Not bad at all – must visit this bakery soon 😉 On my list!

Baby B Goody Bag! Too cute….

Makeup selection from Makeup Artist Fatima Naqi 😉 COOL!

That must be one of the coolest playing cards decks! LOVED it! very very funky from The Yard <3

A scrapbook for the launch of the first Middle East Rosewater Collection 😉 Nice info with pics too

A gift voucher from Silsal 😉

And Gojiboutique gift bag <3 <3 <3 LOVED the tee so much!!

And a complimentary amethyst stone from May Jewelry – which I loved by the way! She is a true artist and her work is unique and super clean

As for the event itself, I wasn’t able to snap pictures – I was busy eating, shopping, and meeting friends and new people hehehe so check Me Blogging’s post – faceless (link) and Confashions – faces (link) 😉


Today is the last day, and it will be held at Beit 16 in Al Adaliya on AlHajeri St…. they open at 4:00PM – hurry up! Some good bargains too! This is one of the events that you do not want to miss 😉 Trust me!


Thanks again Noaf xoxo

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8 Responses to Pretty “Pretty Little Things” @PLTQ8

  1. Jacqui says:

    Looks like an awesome event it’s a shame I wasn’t able to pass by this week as I was extremely busy :/

  2. Noaf Hussein says:

    Ansam! Love love love your photos. Had the best time with you, the hosting really wasn’t much work! Thank you for coming, I wish you could have made it a second time today. Thanks for the shout out 🙂

  3. F2o Designs says:

    walla 7asafa i missed it! really wanted to pass by and check it out

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