TOMS Shoes Leather Insole

معظم أحذية تومس تحتوي على فرشة جلد مصنوعة من جلد الخنزير.. السؤال اللي يطرح نفسه؟ ليش في ناس قالو إنه حرام؟ الجلد مدبوغ و نلبسه بريلنا/أرجلنا

I was told that TOMS shoes leather insole is made of pigskin! “Big deal”… I thought to myself, since I am actually stepping on it and not consuming it! Plus the leather went into manufacturing and all.. So I emailed the company a while back, thinking it might be one of those scams! Here is the reply I got (click to enlarge):

TOMS shoes leather insole, except for the ones marked as vegan, are in fact made of pigskin! My question is – why are people saying it is Haram/Prohibited to wear them? Think of it wisely! I am STEPPING ON IT!!!


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15 Responses to TOMS Shoes Leather Insole

  1. Latifa says:

    I actually asked a sheikh about this once.. he told me lana 7aram we use it oo entajer feeh oo nakla.. i was really bummed cuz they’re the comfiest shoes I’ve ever wore! bas as i was browsing their website i found out they have a new “vegan” line in which they don’t use any kind of animal by-products!

    • Ansam518 says:

      Vegan is not a new line by the way 😉 Even in the email letter pic that I posted from months back she mentions the vegan.. Now I am considering changing the soles – I hope they will be as comfy


    انا عندي جواتي تومز و مغيره الفرشه
    خذيتلي فرشه من سنتر بوينت زينه

  3. Zooz says:

    Because if your foot gets wet like if you sweat for example and your foot touches the leather thenyour foot would be “najsa” therefore you can not pray unless you wash your feet “it6ahreenha”. What most people do is just take the shoes to the shoe shop and have them replace the sole, or try to keep a barrier between ur feet and the soles like wearing socks for example.

    • Ansam518 says:

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

      • Zee says:

        Obviously, you’re not praying. But thanks for this article. May Allah guide us all.

        • Ansam518 says:

          I dont think you read my reply to the comments! Where did you come up with such “rude” conclusion that I don’t pray?! To come to a very old post and pass judgement like that! I was asking a question, and I actually said I was considering to change mine after people “politely” explained it to me (something some people lack, politeness… try it, its good for the soul)

          I agree with your last remark “May Allah guide us all”

          الحمدلله الرحمة بيد الله و ليس بيد البشر

  4. Danderma says:

    Cause jeld elkhanzen najs even if madboo’3. So if your feet gets sweaty et9eer najsa o you must wash it. I say wear socks or if you don’t want to just add the foot rest thingies on top. I do both actually 3n el7lal wel 7aram and life is good again.

  5. Muhammad Usman says:

    HoW about fake toms? My pair look like toms but are not the same brand

  6. Bossassbitch says:

    No fake toms do not use pig skin but it depends on what type of off brand tom you got just research about it.

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