@AlbanDairy Breakfast Trials

I was at Alban Dairy for breakfast trials yesterday 😉 YES! Alban Dairy – AlSha’ab Branch – will be serving breakfast SOON 😉 and I tried quite a few sandwiches!

Let me tell you this! They’re super fresh and yummy! Prepared in front of you with their yummy products (Yasmin Farms) with Arabic bread from Bess Fooul Bess Falafel and fresh bread loafs from Baking Tray (link)

Follow them on Twitter/Instagram @AlbanDairy for more updates and related news 😉

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2 Responses to @AlbanDairy Breakfast Trials

  1. danderma says:

    My… I could live on cheese sandwiches till the end of time <3 Those look so good! 3leech bel 3afiya!

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