Becarre Ramadan 2012 Exhibition LAST DAY

اليوم هو آخر يوم لمعرض بيكار الرمضاني – إليكم بعض الصور مني و من مدونين آخرين – إن شاء الله تعجبكم و نشوفكم بالمعرض اليوم 

Today is the last Day of Becarre’s Ramdan 2012 Exhibition – I will share with you some of my pictures along with pictures from other bloggers

Dana Nafisi Jewelry @DanaNafisi




Aisha AlFadel

Beithan – Almond extract juice ;)

When you reach Northern Salmiya Building on Salem AlMubarak Street, look for Becarre Banner next to BHS and follow the blue carper

and take the elevator to level 2

Sneak Peek from iLSuL6ana (link)

Sneak Peek from Me (link)


Little Bird Tell

My Green Sofa

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