Check For Travel Bans

After Mark248am posted about Travel Bans I thought of sharing this link to Kuwait Courts Electronic Gate check for travel bans before traveling by entering your Civil ID as shown below and check for travel bans, court cases, and more


للتأكد قبل السفر إذا كان لديك حظر/منع سفر قم بزيارة هذا الموقع و إدخال رقمك المدني و إجراء اللازم… كذلك بالإمكان التأكد من معلومات أخرى كقضايا مرفوعة منكم أو ضدكم أو مسائل ضبط و إحضار لا سمح الله


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  2. Spartan says:

    i just checked and the whole thing didnt take more than 60 seconds..mark could have checked before leaving his house ESPECIALLY that he himself blogged about the same site you’re mentioning in this post..mark tends to be on the “drama queen” side and his blog has been a platform for bashing kuwait..even though that particular post isnt really “bashing”, but some of the comments were quite ignorant and quite rude and he allows them to bash kuwait..and no its not because he believes in “freedom of speech”

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