Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately health reasons! I got vaccinated for Hajj around two weeks ago and it took a toll on me!

I went through phases of fever going up and down, redness and swelling on my arm… and lots of pain! I was fine afterwards but got really sick again few days ago with sore throat, fever, coughing, and God knows what else! I tried to sleep it off most of the time.. took meds from the doctors and some home remedies, some of which you may don’t want to know about LOL! But I am getting better – hopefully in time or before traveling to Mecca next Monday! I will try to post more and schedule posts while I am gone 😉 Wish me luck

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  2. Danderma says:

    Sorry to hear about your sickness hon. Get well soon. I suppose this is a reaction to those Hajj vaccinations you took. Kathray min el ice cream 😉

    • Ansam518 says:

      Allah kareem 😉 Thanks

      Everyone is giving me hard time on my ice cream treatment/medication after I posted about it on Instagram LOL! Shasawi! It makes me feel better, I swear lol

  3. Katkoota xD says:

    Slamat ma tshofen shar

    Trou7een w trdeen blslama enshallah w t8bal allah m8dmn

  4. Marzouq says:

    Salamat! Mat shoofeen shar! I can imagine those shots taking a toll!

    Surprisingly I didn’t take those shots and got away with doing 7aj no problem and I was fine, I just took some vitiman C and kept some Augmentin with me just in case!

    7ajj Maqbool Muqadaman! And good luck!

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