Spotted: Orange Trash Cans

I arrived home in the afternoon to find that the trash cans *waste containers* in our neighborhood were changed to bright orange colored containers!

The neighborhood next to us still have the black ones! What about your neighborhood? Why orange?

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  2. ليلحين ما غيروا اللي بفريجنا او منطقتنا
    بس ماكو سالفه .. شكو مغيرينهم !!
    بس يلعبون بفلوس ديرتنا و مناقصات ينفعون فيهم فلان و علان !!

  3. noha says:

    I think there is a very legit reason behind it. First of all, it bright orange for the workers at night to spot them as opposed to the dark black ones. Second of all, it is also easier for pedestrians or drivers to spot the garbage bin because of it’s color. So I’d say it’s a cool idea and has some aspects of no littering awareness to it.

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