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Cooking a la Pantry Bee Way

Pantry Bee is one of the small businesses I’ve tried and loved (and got addicted to it too)! It is run by a young group of three Kuwaiti entrepreneurs with a love for cooking and sharing recipes! The idea was inspired by Blue … Continue reading

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The Other Side of Dubai

I’ve covered parts of Old Dubai on my Snapchat quite a few time… Deira, Karama, Bastakiya Area… and beyond! I love Old Dubai and it gives that sense of belonging to the place because I lived in Dubai for almost … Continue reading

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In The Memory of Our Martyrs

Remembering those heroes who gave their lives for this country… 26 years since the brutal Iraqi invasion to Kuwait! بعد مرور ست و عشرون سنة على ذكرى الغزو العراقي الغاشم، تناسى الناس دور هؤلاء اللأبطال الذين قدموا أرواحهم للغزاة  من … Continue reading

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Electric Vehicles (EVs)

There are a lot of benefits to Electric Vehicles over conventional fuel ones! They are cheaper to run (per KM), easier and cheaper to maintain (you need to maintain brakes, tires, and suspension only) leading to less services! Battery life is long, and … Continue reading

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Kuwait Post Office

From experience, the few times I dealt with Kuwait’s postal service were fairly pleasant. I have, in the past, ordered from sites in the States and got my packages delivered to Kaifan Post Office… if they need inspection, they’ll do it … Continue reading

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What Real Wasabi Look Like

Spotted this funky looking real wasabi plant at Yuba Suhi in Crystal Tower and thought of sharing it with you all. Do you wanna have a bite of that? 😛 هذا شكل نبتة الواسابي الأصلي… شفته بمطعم يوبا سوشي في برج … Continue reading

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The 5:2 Diet

My friend Eman AlOthman and I were talking about voluntary Monday-Thursday fasting in Islam when she told me about this intermittent 5:2 Diet, which is basically almost exactly the same thing: It divides the week to five normal eating days and two low … Continue reading

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Random Thought

Posted these two pictures on my Snapchat and got a lot of interaction… might as well share it on my blog with my readers! In shorts… I don’t really think its “hygienic” to directly let makeup/cosmetics droppers touch the skin while … Continue reading

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Happy National Ice Cream Day

Its National Ice Cream Day <3 اليوم العالمي للآيس كريم 

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Salt & Pepper Rose Cut Diamond

My cousin Sara AlGurg from UAE shared a couple of pictures/videos of this beautiful salt & pepper rose cut diamonds on her Snapchat, and I couldn’t resist sharing on my blog سارة القرق من أهلنا في الإمارات صورت على حسابها في … Continue reading

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