The Attack on 360’s Orange Glass Hanging Art Piece

You know the two hanging glass art pieces at 360Mall I posted about before (link)? Well…. it looked like someone attacked the orange piece!

Some irresponsible guy threw his crocs at it earlier, which resulted in shattered glass over shoppers in the mall 🙁 How childish!!!


I heard about it first from @SraayNews

تحطيم أغلى ثرية بالكويت في مجمع 360 بعد الإعتداء عليها بـ”النعل” وتقدر تكلفتها بربع مليون دينار

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14 Responses to The Attack on 360’s Orange Glass Hanging Art Piece

  1. shahou88 says:

    =( I hate him why did he do that it was pretty

  2. The problem with this incident… there will be no repercussion to the boy who did this. What will happen is one of the Newab al5ayseen ra7 yeda5lon and get him out of it!!!
    If the chandlier was mine…I’ll demand to make an example out of this boy. Tie him in the middle of the mall and yeja7shoona jedam 5alg allah! Then work as a Zabal in the mall and clean the garbage! eee…w etha ehwa wa7ed min rab3 bu taj….yegar3oona!!! after all this..he gets shipped off to tajneed!
    There! I think it is enough for the time being and make him an example out of him!

  3. confashion says:

    That’s really really annoying!! I hope they find the guy and charge him to pay for the repair! And put him in jail for at least 6 months!

    It baffles me seeing people like that who do not appreciate beautiful artistic things.

  4. expataussiegal says:

    This also happened to the blue glass hanging at the opposite end of the mall when I was there just before the start of Ramadan. Someone threw a bottle of water at it and smashed quite a bit of the glass.Luckily I had just entered Marks & Spencer otherwise the glass would have fallen on me. I think it is becoming the “thing to do for fun” by some unruly, unsupervised brats.I saw security talking to a group of young kids. So dangerous, not to mention the defacing of property and the relevant cost involved.

  5. Mathai says:

    That is extremely irresponsible and dangerous behavior! 🙁

  6. zaydoun says:

    Childish?? This is CRIMINAL!!!

    I hope they make a very good example out of him!!

  7. Toomzie says:

    i hope he gets punished.

  8. Mademoiselle says:

    I can’t that person. It’s a Chihuly piece. So finally in Kuwait we get art pieces to the public to enjoy and some idiot ruins it. He shouldn’t get away with it.

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  10. Bader says:

    No one will be held accountable for this criminal incident. And that’s a true reflection of how low this society has come down to. I believe the fault truely lies with the parents (for poor guidance and upbringing), the government (for poor arts education) and definitely poor mall management (for thinking they’re in a first world country and putting out a KD 250k art work “unprotected” in front of a bunch of hailag). So there you go, I wont bet high on hanging the damn A-hole and teaching him a lesson!

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