Ads in Our Region

Just when I was complaining about how we lack creative ads in the region, I was proven wrong -kinda 😛 –

This Mini Cooper was spotted in Dubai Mall – Aquarium (Thanks SulaimanR. 😉 ) and the one below is from IKEA Catalogue – check the measure tape 😉 NICE (Thanks Fulla)

But then again something like this puts you down!!! This picture below was taken a couple of days ago in Kuwait International Airport advertising a TV Series for Ramadan! HELLO! Ramadan ended a couple of weeks ago!!!! (Thanks Hinda)

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5 Responses to Ads in Our Region

  1. Mrm says:

    well, youve still got a WASABI ad for a 25% discount for iftar on your website. right there on the right. should deal with that before you complain about the airport.

  2. kwt23 says:

    hmmm well someone kinda has a banner that says Ramadan Mubarak e7m e7m XD

  3. Ansam518 says:

    Im glad you guys left that comment 🙂 Actually I had three of my sponsors with Ramadan Banners a while back and I contacted all of them to update me with news ones… Wasabi did not respond yet, the other two did 🙂 And I cannot remove banners because I’m paid for this but glad you are comparing my humble blog to Kuwait Airport 😛 hehehe

    When I complained that some shops in The Avenues still have Ramadan window displays and the airport is because they have HUGE traffic and kind of represent Kuwait (many visitors and tourists) but for me as an individual I’m paid for those spots… I dont see it right, I talked to my sponsors and still waiting 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by 😀

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  5. FJ Bliss says:

    Hahahhaha creative indeed mini cooper!!

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