Chocolateness Behind The Scenes

@ChocolatenessKW Team shared with me some special pictures 🙂 I feel special that I was picked to share them with my readers (Thank you guys)


Here is how the kitchen looks from inside of the cafe 😉

Let’s go in the kitchen and see what goes inside now… shall we? 😉

Lots of measuring and cutting to perfection 😉

Yummy food preparations takes place also in the kitchen before we get the yummies on our tables

The red devils I tried on my last visit <3

And lots and lots of smiles… in the kitchen and outside 😀

Let’s not forget the call center… Yes! That’s the guy taking your orders 😉

And Mr. Abdulatif AlHomaizi sitting with the Architecture behind the store design; Fahad AlHumaidi

That’s just part of the whole team working hard for all of us to enjoy….

Flavorful, deliciousness, and addictive dishes

For more on Chocolateness, check out their official website (link), LIKE their Facebook Page, and follow them on Twitter @ChocolatenessKW

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