New Starbucks Logo

I saw this picture on one of my friend’s facebook albums and was wondering…. did we, in Kuwait, get the new branded cups with the new logo from Starbucks yet?

Oh and they have bagels too in Starbucks Colorado 🙁 I love bagels <3

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5 Responses to New Starbucks Logo

  1. Q8me says:

    7lo almug 3jeeb <3

    yegolon nazl mn shahr 3 0,0"

    w mta be'3yron al-logo ehny…tra mn zman m'3yrena bra !!!

  2. dotsNpink says:

    Crunchy bagels with cream cheese is to die for…where is the best bagel in town ansam??????;)

  3. TG says:

    Not in a paper cups Not yet! I guess it’ll take them a decade ;/ they do have the new logo on their new mugs & tumbler though.

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