Together Against Bribery & Corruption?

Those pictures have been spotted in different locations around the city. I took mine from my sister Fulla and friend Fatma Facebook’s albums to share them with you guys… what do you think? Who is behind this campaign? What is it about? Bribery & Corruption? Anyone knows?

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11 Responses to Together Against Bribery & Corruption?

  1. altaf says:

    i love the idea, great initiative!

  2. Bahaar says:

    I dont know who is behind it but for sure I LOVED it. its the time that someone do something about Bribery & Corruption.

  3. c says:

    haven’t seen them… if they are against bribery and corruption then i LOVE it! glad to see these kind of campaigns finally hitting kuwait

  4. Bez says:

    Who’s behind the Money?


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