Casper & Gambini’s Packaging

One of the restaurants that never gets old and never go out of style… and I keep ordering from and dining in over and over is Casper & Gambini’s! Earlier today at work and while I was having my salad in the kitchenette… I was joined by Saad and Nuha – with their order from Casper & Gambini’s

Not only do they serve yummy food…. but also give a great amount of deal to their packaging! I love it – I also love Saad’s Tee in the background 😉

I’m sure Nuha enjoyed drinking her lemon with mint… with style 😉


Don’t you guys love the packaging? Those things really matter!!

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3 Responses to Casper & Gambini’s Packaging

  1. Hi Ansam!
    We’re really happy to read this comment! Our customers’ happiness and satisfaction is the best reward for us 🙂
    We hope we’ll always stay up to your expectations and even more!
    Have a great week-end and hope to see you soon at our branches! Keep those feedback coming!


  2. Hi Ansam,

    we’re really happy to read such comment! Our customers’ satisfaction and happiness are the best reward for us.
    We hope we’ll always stay up to your expectaions on all levels!
    Thank you for your nice post and have a great week-end!
    Keep those feedbacks coming! 🙂


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