A BIG FAT No-No goes to parents who let their children sit on their laps while driving. My friend snapped this picture at the traffic light, telling me its a BIG NO-NO! Regardless if the car is fully stopped or in motion, the guy was still driving with this child in his lap! Don’t they realize how dangerous this is?

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6 Responses to No-No!

  1. Rashisha says:

    Thats a huge no no and a big fat ticket here in the usa

  2. Imekuwait says:

    Is it disturbing that we have become so accustomed to such proposterous behhaviour that we just dont bother when we see another one of them on the road.. I saw a dude this morning on the 50 reading his newspaper in the middle of bumper to bumper traffic..


    *raises hands..I give up.!:\

  3. Dodo says:

    I’m a big advocate for car seats, boosters and seat beats, yet unfortunately not many around me are on the same page. I hate driving around and seeing kids jumping around the car while the parents and driver speeds down the highway. Or wors infants and toddlers sitting in their parents’ lap, in the front seats. It would be great if we can increase the awairnss amounts Kuwait’s population on the importants of child safety in the car.

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