Derek “Deek” Diedricksen Tiny House

I just saw this video on Abo Flan and thought of sharing it with my readers 😉

بيوت صغيره يبنيها النجار ديريك تكلف تقريبا 100$ لمن يحب أن يقضي ليلته في غابة من الغابات او في حديقة بيته



Derek Diedricksen, of Relaxshax Blog, came up with the idea of building those tiny houses (not cubical in shape) which needs no skills really and can be assembled really quickly, with the use of some recycled material.. and lightweight too! He said the cost to build it is about $100-110! This guy is awesome and super practical too! Its 4X4X4 (feet) 😉 Just so you know! I love it

Also check his other video here to see how he makes those tiny houses 😉 I want one!!!!

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