@The_Avenues Parking Lot Sensors

While at The Avenues earlier, I saw some workers installing new extensions to the already existing parking lot sensors! Here is a picture of the sensors without the new extended part

And another one with the extension, which will ease the visibility for drivers in the parking looking for empty spots


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12 Responses to @The_Avenues Parking Lot Sensors

  1. shgshshs says:

    That’s old you idiot !!

    • Ansam518 says:

      I dont think you read my post! I said an addition to the ALREADY EXISTING sensors – I saw them installing the extensions TODAY to make it clearer for drivers! Look at the pictures BEFORE and AFTER and then decide who the idiot is!

    • Cheesecake Lover says:

      الظاهر الناس هالايام ما تقرا والمشكلة الأعظم قلة الاداب! ألحين الشخص المحترم إللي خلى تعليق ليش يسب!؟!؟! نقص طبعا! و مسكين ما فهم قصدج لما قلتي إن زادو عليهم!! و نفرض إن إنتي أول مرة تشوفين ليش يسب! مافي ذوق ولا أخلاق! حبيبي إقرا البوست عدل قبل ماتسب يا ذكي! طالع فيها ويا راسك

      The idiot is YOU not Ansam! She said NEW EXTENSIONS and she also said ADDED to the ALREADY EXISTING ones!

    • MBM says:

      Shgshshs-whatever fake name you use! It lOoks like you’re the idiot after all LOOOOOOOL

    • Dana alghanim says:

      Even if they were old, thats not an excuse to call someone an idiot.. Very rude
      and unmannerly of you.

  2. Razan says:

    Ma7ad jabrik tegra 7aq idiots !!!! Please mu3jbic la teqra oo la t’3ale6 3alla el nas Ansam518 is the best blogger in Kuwait !!

  3. noon says:

    LOL ! 9damni il first comment! hostile.

    the worst thing is when you see a green light and then u realize that a car is taking half of two parkings!

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