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During Ramadan @PinkCoffeeCo sent out an interesting invitation to attend a media event set for Escapade – Backpacking Europe Edition! It will be their third organized trip on a public scale (they have arranged for private escapades too)

The invitation came in with a brick! Yes! You read that one right… why? Well, Europe is known for their brick roads right? Plus… its a backpacking trip! Which means you will carry your “heavy” load on your back – unless you travel light and smart – right? Nice way to market it <3

Anyways…. You can join the fun and Backpack Europe with Escapade and have the adventure of your life time! A backpacking trip from Barcelona in Spain to St.Petersburg in Russia – featuring Core-Fitness for an extra healthy approach

To add to the creativity in their marketing… the giveaway was just so fitting! A small backpack to give you JUST a taste/hint of the experience with lots of goodies from Zain, which I saw as “Stay Connected” – a cup, a tea, playing cards record, mousepad, pen… its all related when you think of it – right? A discount voucher from the Baking Tray – and how is that related again? Healthy food 😉 And a note telling you not to be fooled by this tiny bag light weight! Cool!


For registration www.es-ca-pade.com or call 65777830 for more info 😉 You can also follow them on Twitter/Instagram @escapadeq8


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3 Responses to @escapadeq8 : Backpacking Europe

  1. Lioness says:

    wallah pink coffee ye6la3 minhom thanks to you 😛 bas this trip is open to anyone to apply? fi age limit?

    • Ansam518 says:

      Yeah I loved the invitation! By the way… I did not help in designing it or organize the event 😉 It was all Pink Coffee work. I dont work there anymore, I just have an agreement with them to work on certain projects when needed 😉 So I must give them credit for it 😀

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