Emmy Eats Kuwait @emmymadenjapan

My sister sent me this interesting video of Emmy, a curious American living in Japan (originally Japanese) eating a new part of the world -meaning, she receives packages from all over to try out different kinds of treats- on this video, Emmy Eats Kuwait. Very adventurous 😉



Follow the adventures of a curious American living in Japan:


Twitter @emmymadenjapan


هذي يابانية/امريكية يطرشون لها اكلات مفضلة من دول العالم وتعرضهم شوفو وحدة كويتية شمطرشة لها

Thanks Fulla 😉

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  2. fulla says:

    I was just asking myself, why didn’t the person in Kuwait sent a description to all the products sent in that huge box to Emmy? Maskeena tedodahat when she ate the Turkish delight: “Yummy jello gum dusted powder” hehehe loved the video, very interesting person 🙂

  3. fulla says:

    Hello Emmy,

    Thanks for the wonderful video. It drew a smile on my face when I watch a Japanese American trying Kuwaiti food. I hope you liked the taste.

    Let me just answer some of the questions you asked:

    – FICO Chips: Made in Kuwait chips with oregano, just like what you said 🙂 I like the idea of dipping it in Hummos! I should try that

    – Green Box: (Name: Darabeel) dried rolled bread in cinnamon. You can dip it in tea or hot milk and eat it. We usually eat them in the morning as a breakfast or at night as a dinner

    – The second one on the right: Turkish Delight – A Turkish sweet, but its famous and eaten in Kuwait

    – The ones that you called cookies: (Name: Ma’mool) dates covered by mmm “Arabic cookie dough”! We usually eat Ma’mool while drinking tea or coffee

    Let us know if you need anything from Kuwait 🙂 We will be happy to send you other local products with a definition/discription and what to eat it with 🙂


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