BB Cream

I am shopping for BB, Blemish Balm, cream (Which you can know more about if you click here)

I looked it up online and found out that many brands have their own BB creams

The only one I have tried is Dr.Schrammek‘s and it was good, but a bit on the thick side… my friend told me the Garnier brand (which they are advertising it like crazy on TV lately) is really good

Plus the reviews I heard about the Bobbi Brown one are good!

Have you ever tried BB cream? What do you think? Which brand would you recommend? I am shopping for new one 😉 Help?!

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  2. Hi Ansam,

    Here’s my experience with BB creams:

    I’ve been using BB creams daily for over a year now. Before using them I used to use tinted moisturizers especially for the morning since I only needed light coverage.Then I read that the new must haves are BB creams. There were very few in the market (Missha, Skin79, & BRTC) and most of them were made in Korea since it all started there. I got them all from I used Missha and I loved it. It moisturizes very well, covers very well (a bit heavy) but some people said it made my skin looks a bit darker. Then I used Caviar & Jasmine by BRTC. I loved them both but loved Jasmine more since it matched my skin colour better and was lighter. Their only problem is that they come only in one shade which matches the East Asian skin colour (since they’re made in Korea).

    Now a days most beauty brands have BB creams but when I read about them, I found out that they are more of tinted moisturizers with SPF rather than BB creams! BB creams are meant to be a moisturizer, SPF, light foundation for sensitive skin & a treatment for blemishes.

    btw 3 of my friends tried Garnier’s BB cream and hated it!

    That’s all..

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