518 Everywhere!

I know its been a while since I have last posted about 518 Everywhere 😉 So here is a new set of pictures (I hope all new because I lost track of some, and forgot who sent me what) 😉 Thank you guys for always sharing with me your 518 moments <3 <3 <3 I love it

Waiting at the clinic… Patient #518 was called out to clinic 5 😉

Zoona! The person with the most 518 catches 😉 Expired day May 18th 2014

The number of “Likes” in one of Facebook pages reached 1,(518)

When PLTQ8 following reached 518, she shared a snapshot of it <3

My cousin Balques sent me a picture of her Room # in London, which happened to be #518 😉 And the last one below is of Sudoku player spotting #518 in the boxes

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