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أحيانا أحس أن التواصل عبر الشبكات الاجتماعية عندنا مفهوم بشكل خاطئ – يعني أنا صدف مرة معاي واحد التقيته بأحد المناسبات الاجتماعية بالكويت و كان يبي يوريني حسابه على الإنستاغرام بس ما شبك معاه الجهاز فطلب مني جهازي الايباد – دخل على حسابه من حسابي الشخصي و أول شي سواه إن خلاني أتابعه غصب – فلو – بعدين دش على صورة صورة يضغط – لايك – بكيفه و قال لي لما رجع جهازي ترى إنتي ألحين متابعتني و حاطة لايك على كل صوري. الموقف الثاني معاي كان مع وحدة بمعرض عندها مستحضرات تجميل – المهم كنت ماسكة موبايلي بورييها الأشياء اللي أبي أسأل عنها فقالت ليش ما تتابعيني  على حسابي الشخصي. وقفت على راسي لين شافت إني سويت فلو. اكاونتها حلو مافي شي بس نوعا ما خلت السالفة غصب! شرايكم بالموضوع؟ هل صادفتكم مواقف مشابهه؟
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I have been into situations where random people I meet at functions, people I know, even friends asking me to follow them… or “like” their posts! Let me give two situations’ examples…


Situation I


I am at this dinner thing, a random guy that I just met was talking to me about his work and nature of business! He was trying to show me his Instagram account, but his connection was weak… so he took my iPad and went on to his account from mine. First thing he did was click “Follow”!!!! Then he went scrolling down his posted pictures clicking “Like” on every single picture! I was annoyed and it showed… he was like “By the way, you are following me now and you LIKED all my pictures” – NOT Funny!! Of course I unfollowed him the next day


Situation II


I was at this event and as I was shopping and browsing through some items, I asked the owners a few questions while holding my mobile and pointing at the cosmetics she had posted on Instagram… she was like I am more active on my personal account posting personal experiences and different looks, and have loads of followers… she stood next to me, shoulder-to-shoulder and asked me to type in her name in the search, then she was like “Yalla, follow me here!” She was being nice about it, and I liked her posts but that was NOT cool!


Forcing someone to “Follow” or “Like” you wont really make them followers/likers! You know? I have more situations to share, but was wondering what you guys think? What kind of similar situations have you encountered???

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5 Responses to Follow Me – Like My Pictures

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  2. ABDULLAH says:

    Not up to the Level what happened to You !

  3. Danderma says:

    That’s rude! The guy who literally made you follow him and like his pictures! Even if he was trying to be funny, I don’t blame you for unfollowing him the next day!

    I hate the way businesses use instagram. They follow a load of people mindlessly then a few days later after they guarantee some of these followed back they unfollow. I hate it when some person I know would follow me for two days and unfollow me and within those two days they wouldn’t like anything. Somehow they give off a strong vibe of dislike and I could live without that.

    The worst are ones who follow you, invite you to an event or an opening or whatever, then once the day passes they unfollow you. What’s up with that? Its like saying thank you but your services are no longer needed so now we can drop the act?

    • N says:

      so what if they unfollow you? I dont get it. It is not a popularity contest so if they’re not interested anymore they can be my guests and unfollow… Don’t get me wrong I am not attacking, just trying to understand how people are offended by an unfollow, to me I don’t mind it one bit.

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