The Early Bird: NewTella “Nutella” @theearlybirdkw

The Early Bird introduced a new “NewTella” menu all with Nutella add-ons!

The menu included a Nutella Mocha, Nutella Hot Chocolate (topped with marshmallows), Nutella Sandwich (with strawberries and bananas if you like), and sweet adds! I am not really a BIG fan of Nutella, but I am sure a lot of you my readers are… and I thought of sharing the Nutellaholic news with you 😉


Follow them on Twitter @theearlybirdkw  and Instagram @theearlybirdkw  for more updates and mouthwatering pictures –


They are open Mon – Sat from 5:00AM to 3:00PM

Fahaheel Tel: 23925814

Jabriya: 25343009

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