Spotted: #Waitrose and @Harrods at @Sultan_Center

Sultan Center posted this picture on their Instagram account announcing that they have Waitrose products available at their branches

But I only knew about it when I spotted those jars of mayo while shopping at Sultan Center

Then Tina from Q80HighStreet told me that they also carry Harrod’s stuff in stores, I browsed through their pictures and was happy to see that they do! I wish they bring their famous cocoa dusted almonds soon!

Picture above from @danderma



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3 Responses to Spotted: #Waitrose and @Harrods at @Sultan_Center

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  2. Danderma says:

    I found plenty of items from Waitrose in TSC but I’m still waiting to see more, such as the herbs and real vanilla for example or the cheeses. Maybe one day an entire waitrose will open up in Kuwait like it opened up in Dubai and Bahrain! I posted about them here Waitrose Products in The Sultan Center

    Btw the Harrods picture? TSC borrowed it from my Instagram account 😉 I had pictures of several Harrods products I found but chose not to post them with the waitrose items. I found many teas but not our beloved cocoa dusted almonds still 🙁

    • Ansam518 says:

      That’s cool! And I hope so too, would be nice to have it in Kuwait. I updated the post and added a link to your Instagram. Maybe soon they will bring it?? #hopeful #Wishful #LOLful

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