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Dear Readers and Followers

I am truly touched by all the nice messages/email/face-to-face concerns about me and why am I not posting as much!


I believe blogging used to be more fun and its all becoming commercialized in a non-fun-way! I am seriously thinking of stopping all gifts, ads, sponsorships! I prefer hand picking such things, and choosing what suits me! I do not like receiving gifts without prior consent! Or being asked to write specific things! I also dont like being attacked for writing my own honest opinion! If an invite/gift comes along my way that I do see suitable for my taste, blog, Instagram, my readers, and followers than I will do it my way… write my own words, and express my own views… If you think you can accept this, drop me an email and we can work our way from there!


As you can see I have emptied all my banner ads! I am also looking to give my blog a face-lift and a new look….


Having said all this, I thank everyone who have been understanding! For those kind businesses letting me be me and stating what I like or dont like without forcing me to write what they want me to write! I also want to thank all my loyal readers/followers/and supporters 🙂 You keep me going!


I also need a break from social media! I am thinking I need to have a week off (or more) from my blog, twitter, instagram…. etc! I want to spend time with me, myself, and I 😉



August 8th, 2014


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