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Waiting for “& Other Stories” to Open in Kuwait

I shopped at & Other Stories in London and on a recent visit to Dubai. I love it! I like their ready-to-wear, accessories, and cosmetics (specially their Spray Genie Face Mist)! I was told it will open in Qatar later … Continue reading

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Sabika AlRashid Beauty Essence Radiance Glow Lotion Vs. Farsali Rose Gold Elixir

I have been using Sabika AlRashid Beauty Essence Radiance Glow Lotion  and Farsali Rose Gold Elixir for some time now… both products are awesome, but I wanted to give you guys a more detailed review of both, since both products … Continue reading

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I Found Nemo (& Dory) in Kuwait!

Spotted! Nemo & Dory at Terra Garden in AlRai, Kuwait صورة نادرة تجمع نيمو مع دوري في الكويت في محل تيرا غاردن بالري

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جداول المساجد لصلاة القيام في محافظات دولة الكويت لرمضان 1438 هـ

لمساجد محافظة العاصمة إضغط هنا لمساجد محافظة حولي إضغط هنا لمساجد محافظة مبارك الكبير إضغط هنا لمساجد محافظة الجهراء إضغط هنا لمساجد محافظة الفروانية إضغط هنا لمساجد محافظة الأحمدي إضغط هنا Source!

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جدول القيام في المسجد الكبير في الكويت 2017

كما وصلني…. هذا جدول صلاة القيام في المسجد الكبير في الكويت لسنة 2017 – رمضان  1438بالتاريخ و اسم كل مقرئ. الرجاء الضغط على الصورة للتكبير  

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Eid AlFitr Preparations

Every now and then, I try to give Eidiya (Eid money giveaways) in a creative way (Check this post). I look for nice envelopes, seals, and sometimes mini gifts to go along with it. This year I bought an Eid … Continue reading

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Milk Cake at Rue 71

On one of my trips to Dubai, Lulu (my bestie), Bader (her brother in law), and I went to Rue 71 Patisserie & Tearoom in The City Walk. The place is famous for pastries of course, homemade “style” cakes, and a … Continue reading

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Dubai Robot Cop

While in Dubai last month, I spotted Mr. Robot Cop at The Dubai Mall في زيارتي الشهر الماضي لدبي شفنا رجل الشرطة الآلي يتمشى مع الشرطة في دبي مول I had a small chit-chat with the policemen walking with the … Continue reading

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Peanut Butter & Jelly Who?!

I admit! I have unique taste buds… I was gonna say weird, but unique is more like it! I went through phases in my life… Started of with extremely picky eater! Totally a different person today… I was a pain! No tomatoes, … Continue reading

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Free Coffee & False Advertising

While in London last year, I stopped by Spitalfields Market السنة الماضية بـ لندن رحت سوق سبيتالفيلدز I passed by this eye-catching display ad for coffee… Free Coffee & False Advertising لفتت انتباهي دعاية مبتكرة مكتوب عليها… قهوة مجانية و … Continue reading

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