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My Visit to #BaitArt at @GalleryTilal

Last night I dropped by Bait Art Exhibition held at Gallery Tilal (link) It was a quick, less than an hour tour…. I am going again for sure this afternoon, and thought of sharing with you some pictures of my … Continue reading

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#BaitArt at @GalleryTilal

Gallery Tilal is hosting a new event today, February 4th until February 6th 2013 with 8 participants; Becarre + Concrete Copper + Jars + Khazaf + Optimus Design + Pieces by Farah + Ricamo Home Center + 3rd Concept Opening … Continue reading

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Isa Genzken @wallpapermag

Wallpaper posted a picture on their Instagram @wallpapermag of Nefertiti with different shades by Artist Isa Genzken at Hauser & Wirth in London I thought it was such an interesting picture with a unique concept, so I googled it for more … Continue reading

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Kobi Levi Funky Shoes @Selfridges

While in London last November, I stopped by Kobi Levi pop-up boutique at their Shoe Gallery after my little sister Amoona asked me to check their crazy, funky, and unique style shoes! I could not help but think, how crazy are … Continue reading

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@SaduHouse Workshop

Sadu House is having a workshop for kids age 8 and above to make traditional looking dolls key-chains. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? The workshop will take place this Saturday ,December 15, at 10:00AM to 1:00PM and its a one day workshop … Continue reading

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COMING SOON: @IbrahQ8 Flower Necklace

A couple of months back I posted about Ibrah’s Prada inspired flower necklace *link* And while checking MeBlogging’s Friday Gathering post yesterday, she announced that these necklaces are coming soon 😀 I checked MeBlogging previous posts and came across one … Continue reading

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@SaduHouse Duwwa is Back

Dar Al Sadu (Sadu House) announced on their Instagram account that Chai iDhaha is BACK 😉 Which will be every Monday – while weather permits – from 10:00AM to 1:00PM   For more: http://www.alsadu.org.kw/ Twitter @SaduHouse Instagram @saduhouse

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@bosammy – Awesome Pictures

I have always been a fan of @bosammy‘s photographs that he usually post on twitter/instagram/facebook! Very artistic and too good to be kept for myself 😉 So here are some random pictures I have taken from his collection with his own … Continue reading

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Zidane Headbutt Statue Goes on Display in Paris

تمثال برونزي يجسد نطحة زيدان الشهيرة لماتيرازي في باريس  قام متحف بومبيدو الحديث في وسط العاصمة الفرنسية باريس بصناعة تمثال ضخم يبلغ ارتفاعه 5 أمتار، من البرونز الخالص يمثل النجم الفرنسي ذي الأصول الجزائرية ينطح ماركو ماتيرازي النطحة الشهيرة وفقا … Continue reading

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Walls Around Kuwait

I love how simple things that are not meant to be artistic in anyway, turn out beautiful in someway or another! Here are random pictures of different walls around Kuwait! This one I have taken near AlBahar Company for spare … Continue reading

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