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Tunisia: Nabeul

نابل هي مدينة ساحلية في الشمال الشرقي التونسي… كانت مستعمرة رومانية قديمة تعود تسميتها إلى اليونانية نيابوليس أي *المدنية الجديدة* و هي تتقاسم ذلك مع مدينتي نابولي و نابلس – تعتبر نابل مقصد سياحي هام و تعد مركز صناعة الفخار … Continue reading

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Talents: Hands by @randomramo

Here is an amazing set of pictures by Omar AlGurg *find him on Instagram @randomramo* This young man is super talented -he is 16 yrs- (ما شاء الله). While in Dubai last month he showed me some interesting pictures of different … Continue reading

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Mirror House in Qadsiya

كتبت عن بيت المرايا – أو قصر المرايا –  في القادسية في السابق و قررت أن أتصل بالسيدة ليديا القطان زوجة الفنان الراحل خليفة القطان لاخذ موعد لزيارة هذا البيت المليء بالقصص والمقتنيات الفنية – قمت بأخذ موعد و هدية … Continue reading

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@GojiBoutique + Qumar14 : Alwan – Art & Fashion

Another exhibition/event to mark your calendar for is Alwan, brought to you by GojiBoutique 😉 The event will take place from April 29th to May 1st  at Dar AlFunoon, and it is sponsored by GojiBoutique and Qumar14. There will be an … Continue reading

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Shurooq Amin: It’s A Man’s World Art Exhibition

Shurooq Amin‘s “It’s A Man’s World” Art Exhibition will be opening at Dar Al M on Monday March 5th 2012 at 7:00PM. The exhibition is ongoing until April 1st 2012 – opening Sunday – Thursday from 10:00AM to 3:00PM and … Continue reading

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AlMarsam AlHur Exhibition @GalleryTilal

قمت بزيارة جاليري التلال الأسبوع الماضي بعد أن قال لي عمي الفنان محمود الرضوان أنه مشارك بالمعرض بإحدى لوحاته. المعرض فيه العديد من اللوحات والمقتنيات لفنانين عديدين، و من حسن حظي صادفت الفنان سامي محمد هناك بالمعرض و سولفت معاه … Continue reading

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Amricani Cultural Centre – @DAI_Kuwait – Part II

After our introductory session we were taken to see the “Treasury of the World” – Jeweled arts of India in the age of Mughals! Haya told us we will be seeing lots of “Bling-Bling” Ready? We were taken to the … Continue reading

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Amricani Cultural Centre – @DAI_Kuwait – Part I

I was invited to attend the Bloggers’ Night at The Amricani Cultural Centre by Dar AlAthar AlIslamiyyah (دار الآثار الإسلامية) media team (who are fabulous by the way) I arrived at 7:00PM with my friend Dana – the place looked super nice from … Continue reading

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Vote for Shurooq

You Go @shurooqamin 😉 My friend Shurooq  is in ART TAKES MIAMI competition! It would be great if you can vote for her on their website (link) 😉 She would rock Miami if she wins and show her art work there … Continue reading

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