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Luscious Boutique… Now Open

Dudette from 7ajiDude opened up her store last night and launched her fashion line 😉 I am so happy for her, following her dream and making it happen. She shared with me some pictures of her collection… enjoy 😀 For more, … Continue reading

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The Loft Dispensary by @nasque

My friend Nasque of the Loft965 sent me an email earlier this month informing me of the launch of his new side project The Loft Dispensary in which he posted about on his blog (link) What is this project about? Well basically it’s … Continue reading

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Blogs I Like

While googling some info, I came across this blog called Eat. Travel. Eat! The blog owner is called Wilson, a full-time student whose interest in traveling has developed at a very young age! He acquired an interest in architecture, design, … Continue reading

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The Real SimSimi’s Opinion on my Blog :P

@Danderma posted SimSimi’s opinion about blogs here! And he answered “naughty” when she asked him about “Ansam” 😛 Well well well… you have to be fair and add the word “blog” to each one and when you really ask him … Continue reading

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Thanks @alnoury

المدونة العزيزة النوري أمس تنقصت لي بهدية رمضانية تونس مقدمة على صينية ملبس و فيها نماين من كل ما لذ و طاب مع أدعية و إمساكية – و ما نست الفيمتو طبعا – مشكورة ما قصرتي  The very sweet Alnoury sent me … Continue reading

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518 Everywhere!

Here comes a new “518 Everywhere” Post 😀 This is from the musical TV series SMASH! Zoona spotted the number “518” at the back and paused to snap this picture! If you have been following my “518 Everywhere” posts you would … Continue reading

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Dathra Vol. II Party @Danderma

Dear Danderma invited me along with other bloggers to a small cozy party at her place to launch her second book (link) – I tagged along with Um3azoz 😉 We were the last two to arrived and the expression on my face … Continue reading

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#ChocolateDay with @ZainKuwait

Zain Telecom arranged for a Chocolate Day @TheChocoBar outing… a ladies only event 😉 Sorry guys! I arrived at around 7:30PM and it was almost a full house 😉 It was nice to see all the lady bloggers all at once… We enjoyed … Continue reading

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Cafe Meem @AlHamraTower

Cafe Meem of @MMCKuwait recently opened in AlHamra Tower and I have been to the cafe about three times so far 😉   تم إفتتاح كافيه ميم مؤخرا في برج الحمرا بمدينة الكويت. كافيه ميم الحمرا يأتي بحلة جديدة و شكل جديد … Continue reading

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Dathra Vol. II is Here ;)

The Chronicles of Dathra – Vol. II by @Danderma is here 😉 For more… check out her blog post (link)

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