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Tahchin – a la Ansam’s Kitchen

One of the most asked for recipes on my Instagram & Snapchat is the Tahchin, a delicious Persaian Dish that looks like a “rice cake” when its fully cooked and ready to be served! تهجين – أكلة ايرانية –  سويتها … Continue reading

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#EasyCookingAnsamFulla Rice Pudding

While shopping at Dean & Deluca in The Avenues the other day, I saw some Rice Pudding mixtures in glass bottle, the packaging is what attracted me more to buy some! They look like milk bottles we see in the … Continue reading

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For Old Times’ Sake – Home Cooked Dinner Pictures

I used to post random pictures of home cooked dinners we have at home, and I honestly haven’t done that in a while! My sisters and I tend to make themed dinners for our gatherings, so around Cinco de Mayo … Continue reading

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#Quinoa Help?

I love Quinoa! The taste, texture, health benefits… I mean what’s not to like? Right?? So help me out here and share some of your recipes with me 😉 I will be trying out different recipes and posting them on … Continue reading

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The Gourmet Food Event @gourmetfoodexpo

My friend told me to check @gourmetfoodevent on Instagram and read about their upcoming event in May It seems that this account is made to arrange for cooking classes, starting with their upcoming ones, on May 15th and 16th, to be … Continue reading

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Breakfast at Early Bird

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’d know how much I like the Monte Cristo – specially the Early Bird’s one (link) Yesterday, my friend Lina and I decided to meet at the Early Bird -Jabriya- for a … Continue reading

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BBQ Time

‘Tis the season to get your grills out and start BBQ-ing 😉 We already did that last week and it was amazing! Any recipes for grilling/BBQ/Marinades you wanna share with me? Please do بدأ موسم الشتاء مع هذا الجو الجميل… … Continue reading

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Instagram Picks

Its been a while since I have last posted about my Instagram Picks 😉 Today I have an interesting one for you worth following, @diy_kwt – DYI (Do It Yourself) is an account made to inspire everyone to let their … Continue reading

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@UPPERCRUSTKWT – Kuwait City Branch Opening

First it was the creative Pizza Box invitation that I got to attend the opening of the new branch of Upper Crust Pizzeria in Kuwait City! The invitation itself was VERY inviting – although I was a bit busy that … Continue reading

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Ansam518 Last Week Digest

Heyall! Welcome back to work and to your desks! I hope you all had a wonderful long breaks 😉 For those who missed out on checking the blog during last week’s break, I have decided to make a mini reports … Continue reading

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