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Sneak Peek: Ansam @AlbanDairy

Last weekend I was invited to visit Yasmin Farms (famous for Alban Dairy) by Mr. Bader AlAyoubi! I have A LOT of pictures to share… and some interesting stories to tell about my trip, but I didnt have time to prepare the … Continue reading

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@AlbanDairy: Akawi Cheese With Black Seeds

First time I heard about Alban Dairy product was from TheDietNinja! He posted quite an interesting pictures on his blog; the Labnah, Yogurt, Fresh Laban… etc! I must admit that the packaging and the review made me try the product! I … Continue reading

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Hi! My Name is Ansam, and I’m Lactose Intolerant!

Yes! And I think I developed that a year ago! Before that, dairy products and I were good friends! It sort of happened over night!!! I just woke up one day and my body decided to go lactose intolerant! So … Continue reading

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