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iPhoneApp: MyStory

قصتي هو تطبيق على الأي فون نلتقي فيه مع حنتوش و حنتوشه و أسرتهم الصغيرة – قصص تمثل واقع الطفل و تسبح معه للخيال في مواقف و مغامرات يلاحظها المربين في حياة هؤلاء الأطفال اليومية. التطبيق فيه العديد من الرسائل … Continue reading

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Update on The New Trash Cans in Kuwait

Remember when I posted about the new orange trash cans (link)? Well guess what? I have spotted blue ones as well around our area and earlier today I was able to snap a close up picture سبق و أن كتبت … Continue reading

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Spotted: UAS Winter Warmth Campaign

صورت هذا الإعلان في المدرسة العالمية الأمريكية في حولي قبل يومين و هو إعلان لحملة تنظمها المدرسة تحت عنوان الشتاء الدافئ. تقوم المدرسة بجمع الملابس النظيفة  و الجرابات و أوشحة الشتاء مع فرش الأسنان الجديدة و الصابون و غيرها من … Continue reading

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الحجرف راجع التعليم العالي متنكرا

My friend Mohammed M. sent me this image below via WhatsApp! Very nice move by Dr. Nayef AlHajraf in an effort to know more about the problems we are facing when it comes to paper work and office bureaucratic mambo jumbo to … Continue reading

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Voice for Success

Have you guys heard of the “Voice for Success” videos? Voice for Success is a program initiated by en.v in collaboration with the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) to promote Kuwaiti civil society by giving greater visibility to local social activists. … Continue reading

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Camp Toddlers

Camp Toddlers, the outcome of collaborated work of cousins who came together to arrange a Ramadan Camp for kids between the age of 18 months to 5 years old! Kids are divided into two age groups; 18 months to 3 … Continue reading

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@AlbanDairy First Cheese Demo at Shaab Branch

Check this out! Alban is preparing for a cheese making demonstration/show this Saturday at their Shaab Branch (inside Sultan Center) at 6:30PM Who’s gonna be there? I know I will 😉 I enjoyed making cheese in their farm (link), might … Continue reading

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More Pictures From The Pavilion

Sara AlSayegh, a member in The Pavilion team, sent me few pictures to update me of their workflow… Here are they 😉 What do you guys think? And here is the FABULOUS team 😉

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Sneak Peek: The Pavilion Exhibition

I have previously posted about The Pavilion (link) and about their upcoming event (link)… The amazing responsive team behind this project contacted me through my blog and invited me to get a sneak peek and to have a quick chit-chat … Continue reading

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Pavilion Architectural Design Exhibition

After I posted about the Pavilion the other day (link), Ms. Sara AlSayegh -one of their team members- contacted me via my blog and provided me with the following information: Basically they are a group of architecture students at Kuwait … Continue reading

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